Monthly Archives: July 2010

Theme My Login 6.0 Beta 1

Inching one step closer to the highly-anticipated release of Theme My Login 6.0, I have just reached the first beta milestone. I really, really want to get the release process right this time, so I will leave this in beta status for one week. I need all the help that I can get to test and report any bugs.

Theme My Login 6.0 will add some cool new features. Here is a rundown of a few of them and therefore should be some things for you to test:

  • Templating system – Theme My Login now has a templating system that allows you to customize each action’s form. By default, you can copy any of the templates from the “templates” directory into your current theme’s directory and edit them to your heart’s content. You can also specify on a per-instance basis by defining templates in either your shortcode or template tag, like “register_template=my-cool-register-form.php”.
  • E-mail login – By default, you can now login with either your e-mail address or your username.
  • Sortable links – The links specified via the “Custom User Links” module can now be sorted by dragging and dropping them in the admin area.
  • Fully customized e-mail – You can now customize EVERY aspect of your system e-mails via the “Custom E-mail” module. This means you can specify a different sender for each different type of e-mail. You can specify where admin e-mails are sent to and even send them to multiple recipients. Also, all of the variables from the WP_User object (eg. %user_login% or %user_email%) are available in an user related e-mails and all bloginfo() parameters (eg. %blogname% or %siteurl%) are available in all e-mails.

Download the Theme My Login 6.0 Beta 1 now!