Monthly Archives: August 2010

Theme My Login 6.0 Beta 3

The third and hopefully final beta version of Theme My Login has been completed. This addresses all of the known bugs from beta version 1 and 2, as well as one new feature that I forgot to add.

You can now create a file called theme-my-login-custom.php in your plugins directory and it will be loaded by TML. This will be very useful to make persistent customizations to the plugin via filters, instead of placing them in your theme’s functions.php file.

As always, please post any and all bugs in the forum.

Download the Theme My Login 6.0 Beta 3 now.

Theme My Login 6.0 Beta 2

After 4 long weeks (3 weeks overdue), I am ready to release Theme My Login Beta 2.

Beta 2 fixes issues found in Beta 1, of course, and finds a new feature in the form of a module.

This new module is called Security. As of right now, the Security module simply adds protection against brute-force password cracking by allowing you to set a limit to the number of failed login attempts. After the threshold is reached within the specified time frame, the account will be “locked” for the specified “lockout” period. Administrators can also “unlock” users manually, as well as “lock” them. When an account is locked, it is not able to be accessed at all.

Needless to say, since this is a last minute addition, the Security module should be a focus of testing for this beta release. Please report any bugs that you may encounter in the forum.

Download the Theme My Login 6.0 Beta 2 here.