Monthly Archives: March 2012

Theme My Login 6.2 Beta 1

After 9 long-awaited months, I present to you Theme My Login 6.2 Beta 1!

Theme My Login 6.2 will add some cool new features as well as fixing many long-standing bugs. Here is a condensed changelog that should serve as a guide of things for you to test:

  • Fix FORCE_SSL_ADMIN logic
  • Add tabindex to password fields
  • Fix removal of actions from “tml_new_user_registered” action in User Moderation module
  • Add %username% variable to Custom User Links module
  • Add custom permalinks to core
  • Add option to disable e-mail login
  • Fix potential XSS attack vulnerability
  • Update admin bar settings for 3.3 in Themed Profiles module
  • Update multisite templates for 3.3
  • Fix autofocus scripts to only load on login page
  • Require 3.1+
  • Fix broken login redirect logic
  • Add option to require login to view site in Security module
  • Don’t change profile URL for non-themed roles in Themed Profiles module
  • Display failed login attempts to administrators on user profiles in Security module
  • Fix capability check for non-standard table prefix in User Moderation module
  • Add separate profile templates per user role in Themed Profiles module
  • Fix password recovery admin e-mail in Custom E-mail module
  • Don’t show admin options when admin is blocked in Themed Profiles module

Download the Theme My Login 6.2 Beta 1 now!