Monthly Archives: May 2013

Theme My Login 6.3.7

The biggest complaint with the 6.3 branch of Theme My Login was the change to the use of a custom post type for TML’s actions. This release reverts back to using WP’s native pages. A few other outstanding bugs are resolved in this release as well, including reCAPTCHA not working on multisite, user links not being able to be deleted and more.


Theme My Login 6.3.7


  • Revert tml_page post type back to default WP pages
  • Fix issue where SSL warnings were displayed in reCAPTCHA module
  • Fix issue where a blank page resulted when 404.php didn’t exist in a theme
  • Fix issue where User Links couldn’t be deleted
  • Fix issue where “Are you sure?” would display when attempting to log out
  • Fix issue where strings weren’t being translated on Profile page