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Theme My Login 6.4-alpha debacle

Apparently. at some point within the last couple of days, somehow thought that it would be good to mark 6.4-alpha as the current stable tag for Theme My Login. This is absolutely absurd!

If you notice that you are using Theme My Login 6.4-alpha please, deactivate it and delete it using the plugins screen immediately. This is an alpha version, not for public release!

Please understand that this is something that is beyond my control. Not once did I ever set the stable tag to 6.4-alpha. I’d appreciate if any of you who left a bad review because of this issue please reconsider.

WordPress 3.0 is finally here!

With my daily browsing of WordPress news, I noticed a very exciting headline: WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”. That’s right, WordPress 3.0 has finally been released!

If you are active on the WordPress Trac, you might have noticed that I have contributed many patches toward the development of WordPress 3.0, for both bug-fixes and feature implementations. So, I was even more thrilled to find my name under the list of “Contributors” to WordPress 3.0!

What does WordPress 3.0 mean to you in terms of working with me?

The main thing it means is more for less. WordPress 3.0 offers a multitude of new features for developers that makes our lives easier. So, easier means faster. Faster means cheaper. Cheaper means more money for you!

So, take advantage of this great news and get your project off the ground today — for less — by hiring me.

Welcome to my new site!

As of this moment, I have quite a few things to do to complete the site, but I couldn’t wait to get it switched over!

The site is currently using WordPress 3.0 Beta 2 because I couldn’t wait any longer for the actual release. So, if you find any bugs, that is probably the reason.

Along with the new site, I plan on beginning to write up articles and tutorials on WordPress as well as general web design and development.

So, “excuse my virtual dust” as I help bring you a more useful website!

P.S. I am available for hire!